Work Experience

Students at North Ridge High School have access to a wide range of work experience placements according  to their needs and aspirations.  These include  placements at The Beefeater restaurant, North Manchester General Hospital and Manchester Dog’s home.  Work experience is an opportunity for students to increase their independence and employability skills.  The focus is for students to move into employment if that is their goal when they leave North Ridge High School.





‘The support provided by the students to the Macmillan Information and Support Centre at North Manchester General Hospital is highly valued.  They are reliable, courteous and enthusiastic and it is a pleasure to work with both the students and staff.’ Sarah, Macmillan


‘The shop trolley that the volunteer service bring to the ward is a wonderful service. The volunteers always bring a smile to all of our patients and staff. It would be great if this service came a little more often. Many thanks.’ Debbie, NMGH

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